Saturday, June 6, 2009

An Invitation ...

This summer, you are invited to share a rare opportunity for ceremony and teachings with beloved Q’ero maestro, Don Mariano Quispe, as he travels for the first time to North America in July and August, 2009. Accompanying him as translator and companion will be longtime friend, Dennis Alejo, an excellent translator not only of Quechua (the language spoken by don Mariano) but also of the background and meaning of ceremony and ritual in the Q'ero nation.

Whether you are a newcomer to this path or longtime practitioner of Andean or other mesa traditions, you are welcome to be part of his journey through any of these workshops and other events !

This pilgrimage was born of Don Mariano’s long ago dream-vision, when he was asked to bring healing medicine of the high Andes to the United States. It was time, he told us, to offer ceremonial nourishment to our Sacred Places -- and time for all of us who live here to nourish Pachamama, Mother Earth, and the Apus, the powerful Energies/Beings of the mountains, who help to maintain a healthy balance of life here on our planet.

Ancestral prophecies and natural signs shared the same message: It is time.

In several different regions of the USA, you will be able to share Don Mariano’s pilgrimage through ceremonies and teachings. Events are summarized below.

Let us know if you would like more information about this opportunity to immerse yourself in the living heart of ancestral wisdom teachings. You may contact any of us listed in the "Overview" below to explore how you can weave yourself into the fabric of Don Mariano’s visionary pilgrimage to North America.

Overview of Don Mariano’s North American Pilgrimage in 2009

July 7, 2009 through August 15, 2009

West Coast: July 7-19, 2009.

Begins with a July 7 despacho ceremony and teachings in LA. From July 11-13 there will be a camping pilgrimage to Mt. Rainier. A weekend workshop at Mt. Shasta will be from July 17-19. Call Axi (971-678-6839) for information about the Mt Rainier trip. Contact Ray Nobriga for other West Coast information, including, LA and Mt. Shasta workshops. (530) 918-9232,

Colorado: July 21-24, 2009.

Near Denver, Don Mariano will connect with the Rocky Mountain Apus and with the community of the region through ceremony, pilgrimage into the mountains and informal teachings. Contact Jennifer Schofield,, (303) 941-7219.

Southeast: July 25-August 4, 2009.

Arrives in Atlanta July 25. Program begins July 26 with teachings and despacho ceremony in Atlanta. Pilgrimage (July 30) to Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina (highest mountain east of the Mississippi). Workshop and ceremonial celebration of Andean New Year from July 31- August 2 at The Mountain, Highlands, NC. Contact Anita Stewart,, (404) 373-1219

Northeast: August 6-14, 2009.

For the final steps of this North American journey, Don Mariano and Dennis will fly to the Northeast for events in the Northeast, including a workshop in the Berkshire Mountains of New York, August 7-9 and other events in the NYC, Massachusetts and Connecticut area. Contact Laurie Friedler,,, (202) 605-2233

Individual sessions with Don Mariano: In addition to the scheduled events in 2009, a very limited number of individual sessions will be available in each region, offering another way for you to explore, establish or deepen your connection to the Andean path. Personal healings, divinations, and individual ceremony may be offered; the exact form these individual options take will be at don Mariano’s discretion. Contact the organizer in your area for more information and to request and schedule a personal session. These sessions are available on a donation basis.

Contact the sponsor in each area shown above to register or receive information about plans within each region.

For information about the overall plans for Don Mariano's journey in the USA in 2009, you may also contact:

Ray Nobriga ~ or (530) 918-9232

Anita Stewart ~ or (404) 373-1219

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