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Q'ero Maestro, Don Mariano Quispe ~ Teachings in North Carolina in July 2011

Note that the following information is about Native Voices'
 ceremony and teachings from previous years, which we have left posted here for background information.

 Information about this year and next year's possibilities (2012-2013) both in North America and in Peru will be posted later.

Don Mariano Quispe, beloved Q'ero Paqo will return to the USA this summer. We are delighted to invite you to share his journey to North America and to participate in either (or both) of two workshops in North Carolina, July 1-3 and July 7-9, 2011.

In the July 1-3 weekend, Ñusta Blossoming, don Mariano will build directly upon the Ñusta Karpay teachings that he first brought to North America last year. (For more information see the additional notes below.)

In the July 7-9 (Thursday-Saturday) workshop, Nature Spirits & the Kanchis Wara, don Mariano will share the ancestral Q'ero understanding of working with the energies of nature as we explore navigation of the Kanchis Wara ("Seven Layers" of consciousness), as understood in the mystical and healing realms of the Andes.

About don Mariano Quispe:
Don Mariano has served his community as a Paqo (the Quechua word for their ceremonialist/healers) since he was a teenager. Although he describes himself as "just a paqo", he has been formally recognized by his community as a Kuraq Akulleq, an elder, healer and visionary seer of the highest level.

A few years ago, his dreams and visions led don Mariano to expand his idea of his community beyond his own mountain village. He began to work with people from North America and Europe who traveled to Peru, called there by their own dreams.

After apprenticing with don Mariano for several years in Peru, three years ago we were finally able to help him bring his teachings for the first time to North America. The mountains (and perhaps also his own curiosity, sense of adventure, and affection for the gringos he had met in Peru) called him here. He felt a responsibility to share what he knew of ways to honor and care for our own sacred places and to connect with the spirits of the earth and sky. He once told us very simply, "Your mountains are hungry. You need to learn how to feed them."

The teachings don Mariano will bring to the USA this summer offer a beautiful opportunity for apprenticeship in an ancient path of loving service to Mother Earth -- and ways to awaken our heart-connection with all beings who dwell upon, within and above Pachamama's sacred body.


Ñusta Blossoming
July 1-3, 2011 ~ Highlands, North Carolina

The Ñusta Blossoming workshop is open to anyone who has previously received the Ñusta Karpay. Don Mariano will work directly with the powerful energies that were awakened during the Ñusta Karpay last year. It is his intention to support you in deepening your connection with these immensely powerful forces by facilitating a rebirth and expansion of the power of the Ñustas within. Under don Mariano’s guidance, we will work in time-honored ways with medicine tools and practices of the Andes, learning traditional Q’ero practices that support you, following your initiation with the Ñustas.

Don Mariano will bring with him to North America an extraordinary new mesa created specifically for these teachings. He has brought together this sacred medicine bundle through pilgrimage journeys to the Apus (holy mountains) and other sacred sites in Peru, where he met and gathered together the
khuyas that wish to be part of this new Ñusta Mesa to help support these teachings.NOTE:
If you want to read more about the Ñusta teachings and initiations, we have left information from last year's teachings posted below (in the 2010 blog entries). If you feel strongly drawn to the Ñusta Blossoming workshop this summer but did not participate in the Ñusta Karpay workshops here in 2010, let me know. We will try to connect you with someone who can offer you the teachings and initiation (in a weekend workshop in late May or early June).

If you complete the Ñusta Karpay ahead of time, you will be welcome to register to participate in the workshop “Ñusta Blossoming” with don Mariano July 1-3, 2011. If that will not work for you, there is no prerequisite for the second workshop (described below), which is open to all. Experienced practitioners and newcomers are both welcome!

Nature Spirits & the Kanchis Wara
July 7-9, 2011 ~ Canton, North Carolina

In this exploration of the profound resonance between human consciousness and other parts of the natural world, we will align with natural energies and forces of Nature while learning how to harness and work with those energies for healing at all levels. Don Mariano will share powerful ways to call upon the spirits of nature and to connect with the Kanchis Wara, the “Seven Layers” of consciousness embodied in the Mountains (Masculine/the Father), Earth (Feminine/the Mother) and the Heavens (the Kingdom within your own physical body).

In the visionary living universe as it is understood in the Andes, the
Paqos (medicine people) see layer upon layer of both simple and complex interconnections. Nature energies are correlated with layers of earth and heaven and simultaneously are connected with layers of self.

Don Mariano is bringing these teachings and ceremony to North America for the first time in this new workshop,
Nature Spirits & the Kanchis Wara (Seven Layers), which he offers with the intention that we all walk in clarity, balance and great beauty upon Pachamama, our Mother Earth. Sharing this experience of immersion in Andean wisdom teachings will offer each of us the possibility for a profoundly expanded experience of relationship with our world.

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