Tuesday, June 26, 2012

UPDATE: Native Voices ~ Ceremony and Teachings, Plans for 2012

Dear friends,

Thank you for your many emails and calls in support of bringing Q'ero maestro, don Mariano Quispe back to the USA this year! 

It is wonderful to stay in touch with all of you.  We have loved hearing from all of you ~ those who have travelled with us on apprenticeship journeys to Peru and all who have worked with don Mariano and other traditional Andean elders or with us here in North America. It is also exciting to connect with those of you who may describe yourself as "new" to these traditions, yet who feel a deep and ancient soul connection to these earth-honoring ways of awakening.

We are still working toward bringing don Mariano back to Georgia (Atlanta and the north Georgia mountains) and to western North Carolina, to re-visit sacred places near where he first offered ceremony and teachings with us on his first trip to North America three years ago. 

We hope to be able work out a visit this year, possibly in September-October, 2012. His next journey will include teachings for those who have worked in these traditions for a long time, for newcomers, and also may offer some limited opportunities to work with don Mariano on an individual basis. 

Please check back with us regularly in the next few weeks for more news about studying with don Mariano and with other powerful and heart-centered traditionally-based teachers ~ and also for developing news about some apprenticeship and creative travel possibilities that are beginning to unfold for 2013! 

In addition to the email address posted on this site, for additional information, you can also email us at:  samanita at mindspring.com 

We look forward to re-connecting with you soon!

With Heartfelt Munay,

Anita and Sam

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