Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don Mariano Quispe, Q'ero Maestro from the Andes ~ Returns to the USA in June, 2013!

Don Mariano Quispe 

Teachings of the Pleiades Qotokuna

June 28-30, 2013

Workshop in the beautiful mountains near Highlands, North Carolina

The respected Q'ero Maestro, don Mariano Quispe, will travel  from his home in the Andes of Peru to North America in June, 2013 with Dennis Alejo Mango, his longtime friend and translator. Don Mariano will offer teachings and healings (in the Atlanta area and in western North Carolina) -- and for the first time in North America, he will share the transformative teachings of the Pleiades Qotokuna. 

Don Mariano's distinctive warmth and humor, his gentle yet powerful teaching style, and his mastery of the healing arts will offer us all an experience of expansive wisdom, based in an ancestral tradition that has been sheltered and survived for millennia in the high mountains of Peru. 

Whether you are a longtime practitioner of the spiritual and healing arts rooted in the Andes, or if you are a newcomer to these traditions, this workshop offered by don Mariano and Dennis (an accomplished teacher in his own right as well as a brilliant interpreter for don Mariano and the other Q'ero paqos), will help you create heart-centered possibilities for living your own life more fully, daringly and lovingly during these times of dramatic change. 

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