Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Q'ero Maestro, Don Mariano Quispe, Returns to the USA in November, 2013!

We are delighted to share the news that don Mariano Quispe, noted healer and elder of the Q'eros, an indigenous nation who live high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, will visit Atlanta, Georgia and North Carolina in November, 2013.

You are invited to experience transformative teachings with don Mariano, based in ancestral wisdom and practices that have been lovingly preserved for centuries by the Q'ero people, who are believed to be direct descendants of the Incas.  The traditional people who are now known as Q'eros fled to the highest mountains hundreds of years ago, when Spanish conquistadors invaded South America. In their mountain villages, their medicine men and women have preserved the ancient knowledge to this day.

Now, their prophecies tell them, it is time for their teachings to be shared more openly with the rest of the world -- and we in the modern, Western world are the fortunate recipients of their willingness to bring the teachings down from the mountains.

More information about don Mariano, as well as some of his messages, can be found in the older posts on this site.

During the November, 2013 visit, don Mariano will offer teachings during two weekend workshops near Highlands, NC and through a limited number of individual sessions in Atlanta.  

To register or if you would like more information about the events with don Mariano in November, 2013, email us at:

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